Drones For Beginners

The Top 5 Beginner Drones for New UAV Pilots (updated for 2018)

Every hobbyist has to start somewhere. If you have a passion for flying drones but don’t yet have the experience, look to buy a starter drone. As a beginner drone pilot, it is necessary that you purchase a UAV that is easy to learn to operate, before graduating to a more complex model.  The more advanced drones are not cheap, and if all you do is crash them, you will quickly get discouraged. Read our tips for drones that are great for beginners.

5 Of The Best Drones For Beginners

The site used to compile this list include Best Drone For The Job, Parrot, DJI.com, Yuneec, Amazon.com.  Several of these drones have been around for a couple of years and have stood the test of time.  They are still our recommendations for 2018. Read More

Drone/UAV Training Courses

Before You Start Flying A Drone, Keep These Do’s and Don’ts in Mind

Drone Pilot Training CoursesOwning a drone can be a fun pass time for some individuals, for others, it can be a good way of earn money.

It’s important that professional drone pilots register their UAV and follow the laws that pertain specifically to them. This article includes a list of “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to drone usage. Read More

Drone Training Courses

How Drones Are Being Used in Emergency Response

The latest advances in drone technology may have people viewing UAVs in a brand new light. As new technology usually tends to intimidate people who are not familiar with it, drones are no exception to the rule. Public awareness and drone pilot training are very important.

Citizens are concerned about their privacy being violated, which is a reasonable concern by all means. Thankfully, The FAA has intervened and made laws to protect the public from exploitation via drones.

Another issue is people are afraid of a pilot losing control of a drone and people getting hurt in a crash. This is also understandable. Fortunately, laws are in place that requires all professional drone pilots to complete a course, so they know what they’re doing when they control their UAVs flying through the air. Read More

Drones And UAV's

Why 2016 Is The ‘Year of Drones’

2016: The year of the drone

UAV Pilot Training SchoolsThe term UAV stands for unmanned aerial vehicle. Also known as a drone, these pilot-operated flying machines are one of the most talked about technological innovations on the market today.

Recent laws and advances in technology are together making 2016 the year of the drone. Consumers can expect to see some of the following trends in UAVs over the next twelve months: Read More

drone pilot jobs

What Types of Jobs Are Available in the Drone Industry?

UAV / Drone Pilot Jobs

Considering the high level of pay that Drone Pilots Jobs earn, it’s no wonder being a UAV pilot is one of the most coveted UAV Pilot Jobscareers in America. The average drone pilot can expect to make around one hundred thousand dollars a year, and the highest paid drone pilots can make a quarter of a million dollars each year.

Considering most drone pilot jobs do not require the pilots to have a college degree of any sort, it’s a career that most people can pursue in a fairly short amount of time, as long as they have the money for start-up costs and training. The most common jobs in the drone industry right now relate to aerial photography/videography. Read More

Drone/UAV Pilots

Want to Fly a UAV? Make Sure You Get The Right Drone/UAV Pilot Training!

Drone/UAV Pilot Training Courses

Drones have hit the scene like never before and they are seen everywhere for filming and picture taking. The only downside is that these airborne machines are actually real robots, and real flying machines, just like any other carrier flying in the air. They can fly quite high and disrupt the skies just like any other small planes or drones.

 drone/UAV pilot trainingMost people don’t actually understand the implications of this and what it means for other pilots in the skies with planes that are carrying real people.

This precaution is also true of any potential crash landings or unruly flight behavior and its implications for safety for people on the ground.

All in all, the skies (FAA) are just now starting to create the regulatory scenario for the drones because they are just so new to the market. Read More