drone pilot jobs

Problem Solved Here is How To Find A Drone Pilot Job

In May of 2018 InfraDrone LLC announced the launch of the new App to find a drone pilot job, available on both Android and iPhone App shops and through the internet.

The Smartphone App enables drone pilots to find jobs by:

  • Registering for free and no obligation
  • Sign up for possible paid drone pilot jobs
  • Get notice of paid drone pilot jobs available in their region
  • View limited air space maps, weather, and other info
  • Get paid for the drone pilot jobs
  • Reply with price quotes

Licensed drone pilot jobs are in need as interest in drones is skyrocketing. All drone pilots enrolled on the network must be licensed and insured, and will have the chance to post the sort of scanners and cameras they’re currently carrying. Drone pilot jobs will be matched to the kind of equipment required by each customer, ranging from simple Thermography, photo/video to HD, and even LiDAR. Read More