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Recruiting Women To Become Female Drone Pilots

The drone industry is growing significantly as many people are adopting the technology for various purposes. Some people fly drones for leisure such as performing activities like racing. Drone technology also helps to improve the film industry.

However, of significant concern is the fact that there are very few female drone pilots compared to their male counterparts. Women hold less than 4% of certificates compared to 96% drone certification for males in the US. Globally, women constitute fewer than 3% of drone certificates.  The drone pilot gender gap is enormous, but various women groups are working toward improving the odds.

For instance, “Women Who Drone” is an online community that seeks to expand the visibility of female drone pilots in different ways. The total for women involved in the drone industry is still small, and the figure is discouraging. However, the few women in this industry are doing an exemplary job to support each other.  

Significance Of Drone Technology

Drone technology helps different individuals and organizations to conduct their business. The technology allows people to perform activities such as photography and filming. Drones also play a pivotal role in improving the security systems of companies since they give real-time data about events taking place.

The drone industry is rapidly growing, and the limited numbers of female drone pilots is a cause for concern. In other sectors across the board, the presence of women is commendable and the online community Women Who Drone aims to increase the number of female drone pilots.

The primary goal of Women Who Drone is to educate women and girls about the significance of drone technology. The presence of women is vital in this industry that is gaining prominence since it helps to empower them. Females just like their male colleagues need involvement in different sectors.

The statistic that less than 5% of women in the US are certified drone pilots indicates the lack of females in STEM industries. However, the percentage of women who fly for recreational purposes can be much higher. The main issue is that there are fewer FAA-certified women in the UVA industry.

The drone industry presents a lot of career opportunities, but it seems that many women are not aware of that fact. New technology is right in that it can also empower females to become successful players in the booming industry.

The Women Who Drone community is a platform where female drone pilots, videographers as well as photographers can mix. The platform aims to bring women from different parts of the globe together so that they can learn from each other.

Some women lack interest in drone technology because they lack understanding of the benefits they can get from the industry. The idea is to enable women to interact with their counterparts in a free manner.


Empowering Women To Become Female Drone Pilots

The disparity between male and female drone pilots is not because women are incapable, but they lack proper support. It is against this background that Women Who Drone recently introduced a campaign that aims to provide support to inspire females to become pilots. The online community aims to close the gender gap that exists in the UAV industry.

As such, the high gap between men and women in the commercial drone industry is not a result of any logistical barrier to entry into the field by women. There are different social and environmental factors such as gender bias and stereotyping that affect woman to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

However, UAV Industries strongly believe that pilotless aviation provides rewarding and challenging work to both men and women. The industry is committed to actively support women in drones through various programs like ongoing training and internship opportunities.

Against this background, UAV Industries recently introduced the launch of a free program to offer Remote Licence Training Course for women only. UAV Industries is a South African commercial drone pilot training company and operator. It aims to close the gender gap that exists between women and male commercial pilots.

All people who want to work commercially as drone pilots should first acquire Remote Pilot Licence. The South African Aviation Authority makes it mandatory for all players in the commercial drone industry to be licensed. As such, a free course was offered to aim explicitly to attract females interested in pursuing a career in the unmanned aviation.

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The free remote pilot training aims at attracting women to actively participate in this growing industry that seems to be male-oriented. The tasks involved in flying a drone are not as severe as other women think. With new technology, women can also play any different role like their male counterparts.

Women Who Drone Mission

The best way of attracting many female participants in the drone industry is to use mentors who can appeal to their interests. Prospective female drone pilots can get inspiration from other women who are active players in this particular field. It seems to be more comfortable for peers to influence each other to learn something new.

The founder of the online community Elena Buenrostro feels that the platform will draw female drone pilots and videographers from different places. Currently, there are more than 9,000 members of the community, and there are hopes that the number will continue to grow.

With its current membership, Women Who Drone is probably the largest online community for female drone pilots. The members share various online lessons as well as educational resources about safe practices in drone flying.

The online community also consists of photographs by over 400 women with experience in this particular field. The website also has a database of women photographers whose work is ready for licensing. It is for this reason that Women Who Drone partnered with Getty Images for licensing of its images.

The Women Who Drone group currently consists of 44 ambassadors across the whole globe. All the ambassadors based in the US have FAA certification as per government requirement. Brand ambassadors across the world also help the members to share various travel tips to other locations.

The members will also share pertinent information like local drone regulations in different countries.  The women also learn about different places where it is safe to fly the drones. The group intends to make it easier for members to search photographs by location from its website.

While men seem to dominate in the drone industry, females also have an opportunity to prove their capability. The “Women Who Drone” offers different services that help the members to share information in a way that promotes learning.

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What Women Who Drone Offers?

The online community aims to attract as many women as possible so that they can learn from each other. The philosophy of cognitive learning plays an inspirational role to other women as they learn from their peers. It is easier for similar people alike to learn from each other since they share similar interests.

Members of this platform have access to different online programs where they can learn from observing other qualified pilots. Online programs consist of various media such as videos that help other members to see different flying techniques in their respective places.

Women Who Drone aims to empower females so that they can acquire licenses to be eligible to operate commercial drones. According to aviation laws of various countries, only licensed people can actively participate in the commercial drone sector. This sector is lucrative hence promoting women to become pilots is the best way of empowering them.

The other aspect is that Women Who Drone also offers flying workshops to its members. The aim is to equip them with both theoretical and practical knowledge about flying so that they can improve their experience. These workshops also help the learner pilots to share their experiences with experienced people in this sector.

Workshops are useful in that they give the trainees a chance to get into contact with trainers from different backgrounds. Some people have a strong experience in photography and filming, and they can help impart their knowledge to other members.

Shop Online

If you belong to the online community, you can also use the platform to shop for drones and other related accessories. Through its partners, Women Who Drone has several links that can help you get different products related to drones. Members can also access vital information about maintaining various types of drones.

The community recently partnered with Getty Images to get access to license the work in the collection of Women Who Drone. Other partners of Women Who Drone include Uplift Drones, InterDrone, Tiffen, UAV Coach as well as Altitude among others. Members to the online society can significantly benefit from their partners who are experts in the drone industry.

Members also share educational resources and support each other to create more opportunities for new flyers. The environment presented by the community is supportive of all members from different parts of the globe.

Women Who Drone also provides a variety of career opportunities to its members. After successfully acquiring Remote Pilot Licenses, the members can even get access to available jobs in the drone industry. The community aims to inspire as many women as possible to become drone pilots since they are in demand in various places.

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Benefits Of Online Drone Training

If you are interested in learning to fly a drone online, there are many benefits that you can get from Women Who Drone platform. It is easy to join the community since you only need to create an account by visiting its official site.

The site gives you the opportunity to connect with other women who drone from different places across the globe. It does not matter where you live since the platform can help you to communicate with people from distant places. You can share drone life in your respective cities or countries, and the issue of geographical location does not affect you in any way.

Members of the community can share their drone experiences with other participants. Qualified pilots are encouraged to share their drone projects, and these may include videos and photos. Such projects can inspire other women who are still new to this booming industry.

The platform also enables all the members to share their thoughts in general so they can inspire each other. Women lag in other aspects that can affect their welfare in their respective societies. Therefore, the online community is also the best place where women from different backgrounds can share other pertinent issues in their lives.

Women Who Drone also provides blogs and news releases to help the members stay abreast with the latest drone information. The industry is continually changing, and blogs help the women to keep pace with these changes. The members also have access to a calendar about upcoming events of which they can join if interested.

Online Training Is Flexible

The other notable benefit of drone training at home is that you can learn during your own time and pace. The practice is so flexible such that you can choose a time that is convenient for you. Many people will fall in love with the free learning environment that can allow them to express their views freely.

Members of the online community can also get the opportunity to enjoy other services like one-on-one lessons. You can interact directly with your mentor, and the learning process is free. In this kind of setting, there are no fears of intimidation since you directly communicate with your instructor.

Source: DJI

Drone Technology Can Improve Your Business

Drone technology gives you a lot of benefits to your business such as minimizing risks. You can use the drones to conduct inspections of your construction businesses. Physical examinations might be risk hence the need to use a device that you can operate remotely.

Drone technology is also reliable since it gives you real-time data about the events taking place around your entire commercial property. Females can also perform such tasks hence the reason why they should learn how to operate drones.

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