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Problem Solved Here is How To Find A Drone Pilot Job

In May of 2018 InfraDrone LLC announced the launch of the new App to find a drone pilot job, available on both Android and iPhone App shops and through the internet.

The Smartphone App enables drone pilots to find jobs by:

  • Registering for free and no obligation
  • Sign up for possible paid drone pilot jobs
  • Get notice of paid drone pilot jobs available in their region
  • View limited air space maps, weather, and other info
  • Get paid for the drone pilot jobs
  • Reply with price quotes

Licensed drone pilot jobs are in need as interest in drones is skyrocketing. All drone pilots enrolled on the network must be licensed and insured, and will have the chance to post the sort of scanners and cameras they’re currently carrying. Drone pilot jobs will be matched to the kind of equipment required by each customer, ranging from simple Thermography, photo/video to HD, and even LiDAR.

Pilot Registration

Pilots are encouraged to register now (no cost or obligation) to be prepared for upcoming drone pilot jobs be going to:







How To Post A Job

For anyone engaged in employing drone pilots, jobs are also posted on the App, which ranges from land surveys, inspections, and insurance documentation to family reunions, marriages, and sports events.

Clients seeking to hire a drone pilot can use the App to post jobs by merely downloading the App and obeying the simple guide to post a job. Pilots in the region will be automatically informed, and customers will have the ability to communicate with the pilot directly. All tasks assigned and completed using the App will need to be covered by insurance.

Are you searching for a position as a drone pilot? Or just thinking what kinds of jobs you will find in the drone market?

We produced this article that will help you navigate drone enterprise jobs. In this post, you’ll get knowledge on the kinds of drone pilot jobs on the market, enterprises using drones in their operation, some cases of salary and wages, and actual real job listings.

But before we proceed any further, we aspire to ask you these questions?

Are you:

  • A drone pilot who carries a Remote Pilot Certification in the U.S., or some similar form of certificate in a different country, and you’re looking for work?
  • A drone hobbyist interested in what opportunities are out there for pilots that use a drone?
  • Not a pilot, but curious about the non-pilot work opportunities which may be available from the drone market?

We have produced this article to help you post to learn more about the jobs available in the drone business, both for pilots and non-pilots, and to help you better understand each the kinds of work now being performed with drones.

From the list below, we concentrate on the current trends we’ve seen in the drone work that’s pilot have been doing from the last few years, meaning there are quite a few other drone use cases and job opportunities that we have not covered here, such as wildlife monitoring, wedding photography, or ecology, to name only a few.

Drones in Real Estate

Recently, drone pilots have been giving realtors with a prospect which were not possible earlier. Practicing aerial videos, stills,  as well as 3D maps generated from information recorded by drone, potential customers are now able to get a thorough view of the property they are considering purchasing.

Real estate marketing job is usually done by a private drone pilot serving as a freelancer to catch aerial pictures and video of a property that is for sale, which the realtor will then use in promotional materials.

Another typical offering nowadays is a virtual tour of properties, which is a video walkthrough of the entire property, including both ground and aerial footage.

Real estate marketing job as a drone pilot needs experiences in both in video/photography work and flying. For a general real estate job you’ll show up at the property, get the coverage you want, and then go home and work on the raw material till you have usable pictures and video to give to a clients, which means you’ll have to have the ability to take care of post-production for the raw media you catch to turn it into real deliverables (i.e., finished photos and videos) to your customer.


How Much Money Can One Make as a Pilot in the Real Estate Industry?

The majority of the drone pilots we have spoken with price their real estate work as a package or by the hour. Hourly rates may vary from $25 / hour all the way up to $200 or more.

Drones in Construction / Mining / Aggregates

Drone pilots are helping these industries to save big money by conducting surveys which help corporations keep account of various aspects of their operations, from the quantity and exact location of stockpiles to the advancement of work in a variety of areas of a job to the security conditions in crucial areas of a site.

How Much Money Can One Make as a Drone Pilot in  Mining /Building  Aggregates?

Depending on the research we’ve administered, many drone pilots are beginning at about $50 an hour for this sort of work, and for highly skilled pilots they are charging more anywhere from $250 to $500+ an hour, depending on the job, place, and skill level required.

We have read about more experienced pilots working full time in these areas that are making wherever from $50,000 to $70,000 or more than a year. However, as with anything, your earning capability in this sort of job will be straight associated with your level of expertise and knowledge.

Drones in Filmmaking

A drone pilot can place a UAV in the air and receive aerial coverage of a place quickly and gracefully, and drones also don’t incur the very same sorts of insurance prices as helicopters. It means that there’s growing work available for drone pilots in the film industry.

How Much Money Can One Make as a Pilot in the Movie Industry?

Movie work appears to pay well, from the knowledge we have gathered, but the tricky thing is being able actually to get the job. Unlike aerial videography work, such as shooting for weddings or property, finding drone work in the film appears to have a barrier to entry, and it might take some time to develop a client base.

Just how much are people currently earning? Around $200-$500 an hour, anywhere from $ 1,000, or $500 a day, depends on the project and type of work.

Drones in Public Safety

In fire departments, firefighters are currently using drones for inclusive situational recognition. They are also using drones to make maps of other buildings and schools/facilities so that they could understand where the exit points are in the event of a fire.

finding a drone pilot job

Law enforcement has been similarly using drones, creating maps of highly trafficked buildings which may be used to help relocate people during an emergency, such as an active shooter scenario. And both fire and police forces use drones after tragedies such as hurricanes, floods, or intense storms to find victims in need of assistance, and also to comprehend the scope of the damage to best direct their resources to those areas that need them most.

How Much Money Can One Make as a Pilot in Public Safety?

Almost all of the drone work, we have discovered about in public safety companies is done in-house, which means that the money you can make will be whatever wages you would expect to make as a firefighter or police officer. These wages vary greatly depending upon your location.

Drones in Insurance

To evaluate these applications, insurance firms have traditionally had to communicate out an insurance corporation, or adjuster who is physical goes to the website, climbs a ladder, and takes pictures of every roof to which a claim was made. But climbing steps all day can be dangerous, not to mention time-consuming.

And that is where insurance inspections come in. With a UAV, a drone operator can run a set design over a broken roof in 20-30 minutes and take all the pictures required to assess an insurance claim.

This type of work is almost straight forward and in high demand as a welcome replacement for hand-operated inspections. The original skill set required is the ability program or to fly your drone to operate a specific mission, and collect images while operating.

How Much Money Can One Make as a Pilot from the Insurance Industry?

To give you an idea of what you can make as a pilot performing insurance-related work, DroneBase provides a flat payout of $70 per assignment for insurance flights. In case you have a lot of homes in a community, you could do them back to back, and make up to $140 an hour or so. But do not start counting your money yet. This type of work is seasonal because it follows the storm patterns, so while you could find plenty of work at certain times of the year, the job may dry up at other times.

Drones in Journalism

Generally, drones are employed in journalism as one more vantage point, for helping to narrate a story, since aerial imagery and video footage can append an extra layer of drama to news coverage.

Much like the film, drones are much affordable than using a helicopter, which offers aerial shots possible where before there would not have been the budget to incorporate them.

One thing to remember about operating drones for reporting is that there’s a spectrum of usage cases, using a range of quality needed. For disaster coverage or breaking news, having the camera out there might not matter so much as having the footage at all. Whereas, if you are attempting to catch an artistic still to follow a written composition or documentary-type footage for a more extended video-based narrative you are helping to cover, you might want a more expensive drone which enables a customized payload so that you can attach your own high-end camera, and get the very best shots possible.

The skill sets needed to use drones in journalism also differ with your individual use case. If you’re employed as a documentarian, you might require a high level of experience in photography and videography, whereas your skill level may not have to be entirely as developed for breaking news coverage. That being told, in most scenarios associated with journalism your flying abilities will have to be top notch, provided you can be flying under stress under challenging conditions, and you might have just one opportunity to get your shot.

How Much Money Can One Make as a Pilot in Journalism?

Most of the people we have met who use a drone in journalism already work in journalism in another capacity, either as a videographer, an anchor, a photographer, or in another role.

Of course, location is a significant factor in how much you will make in journalism there is a city going to pay more than a more smaller town, and it would certainly help to have many skill sets (like having the ability to fly a drone and communicate well).

That being said, several drone pilots in the market do freelancing job in journalism.

Drones in Agriculture

Farmers have been using drones from the last few years to assist them to increase yields by surveying their plants to determine which areas require attention. Using a to do this kind of work is much faster than walking the entire farm on foot, and it’s also more accurate.

Among the most common deliverables, a pilot will give to a farmer is a Normalized Difference Vegetation Index map (NDVI). These maps may be used to recognize what plant is developing where on a piece of property, and also to tell how well each plant is doing.

How Much Money Can One Make as a Pilot from the Agriculture? Industry?

Based on the data we obtained online, pilots are currently getting anywhere from $40 to $150 an hour taking drone job in farming.

That being said, these numbers came from some of their top suggested pilots, there are apparently pilots working for less, and we wouldn’t be shocked if pilots are working for more. If they’ve found a way to show the value of the job, they do in terms of real returns for the farmers with whom they’re working.

Drones in Transportation

Like many businesses, drones are currently helping to reduce the time and cost required in transport for inspections of infrastructure.

To do this kind of you need to have a general understanding of what you’re searching for in such inspections, so making sure that you get coverage of the resources being scrutinized whether their railroad ties, or bridges, or roads, so that problem areas can be identified using the information you collect.

How Much Money Can One Make as a Pilot from the Transportation Industry?

A pilot can earn around $100 an hour performing transportation inspections. For clarity, we are getting this amount from the AASHTO’s announcement that investigations that earlier cost $4,600 and expected 16 hours of labor can now be completed in two hours, at a cost $250 (with $50 going to leasing equipment/information collection expenses).

We do need to note that the $100 figure implies both a drone pilot and a spotter working, so that would lower the hourly fee based on how you look at it. (But if you are running your own aerial services firm, you can assume some extra staff costs will be developed into your overall hourly price.)

Drones in Energy

Similar to transportation, drones are currently providing faster, cheaper techniques to inspect solar panels for electricity companies and assets such as power lines.

To perform this kind of work as a drone pilot, you’ll require technical information of what’s needed in inspections for solar panels, power lines, and other energy-related support. In common, these inspections are conducted to find areas that need maintenance so that issues can be detected early and addressed, but again, as the software develops, this understanding may become less and less crucial.

How Much Money Can One Make as a Pilot at the Energy Industry?

Some pilots are doing energy inspections by drone for $100 an hour, working as a freelancer.

That being stated, A large amount of the energy inspection job we’ve discovered of is directed in-house, by a crew of pilots prepared for that purpose. Depending on our research, people doing power line inspections earn around $70,000-$100,000 or more a year, based on where they reside, what their expertise level is, and how much they work.

Drones in Telecommunications

Generally, when doing such inspections drone pilots are on the lookout for environmental or other hazards before climbing (bees, birds, structural damage, etc.); identifying damaged regions, or exploring the structure’s integrity before personnel climbs the tower to find out if it’s safe to climb at all.

Much like power line inspections, telecommunications towers typically release some sort of magnetic interference, which might make your drone down in case you fly too narrow (means, closer than 100 ft). To serve as a drone pilot in the telecommunications industry, it is essential to have the ability to take photos that are accurate from a distance and to be a highly skilled pilot.

How Much Money Can One Make as a Pilot in the Telecommunications Industry?

According to our analysis and discussions we have had with many drone pilots, various pilots are currently earning between $150-$300 an hour performing tower inspections for telecommunications companies.

One associated data point is that an individual tower climb for inspection missions can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, based on the extent of the inspection. This might be a valuable data point to be informed of if pricing investigation services for tower organizations, that is, it is excellent to know that your drone inspection could maintain your potential customer a lot of capital, while still making you a right amount of money, too.

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