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Why are Drone Pilot Jobs so Popular As A New Career?

Considering the high level of pay that drone pilots earn, it’s no wonder being a UAV drone pilot job is one of the most coveted careers in America. The average drone pilot can expect to make around one hundred thousand dollars a year and the highest paid drone pilots can make around a quarter of a million dollars each year.

Drone Pilot JobsMost drone pilot jobs do not require the pilots to have a college degree of any sort, it’s a career that most people can pursue in a fairly short amount of time, as long as they have the money for start-up costs and training.

The FAA now requires all commercial pilots to take a drone piloting course and pass it in order to get certified and legally work.

For some children, the dream of piloting an aircraft begins at the time they learn how to play video games. With popular games like Battlefield 4 dominating the young minds of the players, it’s no wonder they dream of having a career as a pilot.

Sadly, adults that continue to dream of being a pilot will be faced with a harsh reality. To become a pilot of a regular aircraft typically takes eight years of flight school and has a very pricey cost of tuition to go along with it.

The training to become a drone pilot can take less than a week, but it is expensive. It is not nearly as expensive as going to school to be a regular pilot, however, which can cost an estimated seventy-five thousand dollars in total.

A complete course to get licensed in drone piloting can cost a student between three thousand and four thousand dollars plus traveling costs.

Some of the training course can be done online or at home, but there is a portion of the training material that must be done with a real life instructor aiding their pupil in learning how to adequately pilot their drone in person.

Drone piloting jobs are very popular for a number of reasons.

1) Can do any task and anywhere

UAVs can be piloted through areas that are difficult for human entry. Dam construction and inspections can be complicated. These are tasks that would be almost if not impossible to complete without the use of drones.

Being able to fly into crevices at the highest of heights is an advantage that UAVs have over mere mortals. Bridges are another structural example that would demand the need for drone photography.

Having the ability to photograph points of the bridge that are crucial to safety is a much safer approach than sending a human to inspect the possibly faulty areas. Construction companies recognize this and are eager to employ experienced drone pilots to assist them in their business.

2) Fast

Drones can get the job done faster. For land surveying, it can be faster and more efficient to send a flying camera :to do the job versus relying on a team of people trying to measure the vastness of a certain area of land.

In the future, UAV usage could bring down the price of groceries. Drones will likely save the agricultural industries millions of dollars by eliminating the need for a team of surveyors.

The aerial photography taken by drones will reveal whether or not crops are doing well or if they need further attention. UAVs will be essential when it comes to understanding the amount and severity of damage caused by a natural disaster like a wildfire or a landslide.

Since journeying into these hazardous zones could be dangerous, it is much safer to use a UAV to capture the footage and provide research materials to professionals who deal with containing fires or warning others of imminent peril.

3) Amazing pictures

Drones take amazingly unique photographs. One of the top industries that hire drone pilots is real estate. Sometimes in order to get aerial pictures of a property, real estate agents would have to encourage their clients to pay a photographer to get on a helicopter to take top-down photos of their home, or the agent would have to pay for it themselves.

The use of a drone could eliminate this lofty charge. UAVs will soon be used to photograph extreme sports as well. In sports like snowboarding, motocross, and parachuting, a UAV will be on the scene and in the air with the athlete.

This will make for an improved system of capturing the sports activity. The future drones will be able to shoot the athlete from a few feet away and stay at a consistent level. This could mean no more out-of-focus videography and a better understanding of what is happening in real time.

Drones have also been used in movies since they are much cheaper than hiring helicopter pilots for several members of a video crew to shoot scenes.

4) Good source of income

Piloting drones is a choice career among veteran pilots. Sadly, veteran pilots getting out of the military will sometimes have trouble securing jobs equal to the ones they had while they were in deployment.

Pilot jobs for civilians are few and the process of applying and getting accepted can be daunting. Becoming a drone pilot can be a great career choice as most already have experience in the field. The best part is a career as a UAV pilot may get them a better salary and better lifestyle than they ever had in the military.

5) Going to be used in every field

UAV piloting will soon be a commonplace government job. Drones are already in use by the U.S. government to monitor wildlife, patrol the border, and report atmospheric conditions.

In Alaska, UAVs have been used to monitor sea lion populations. Outside the United States, the well-known non-profit group, the World Wildlife Fund is using drones as a means to stop poachers from killing endangered species.

They can now have a better idea of who is hunting wild animals illegally as well as identifying black-market traders and stopping them before they can do further damage to the habitat.

Most likely the U.S. will soon follow suit, as animal poaching is a problem here, as well. In Texas, they are using drones to scout out the border and keeps an eye on potential drug trafficking. All around the country drones are used to observe and report the current weather.

With the recent changes in the law as well as new technical innovations, society can look forward to more and more drone-centered careers to be on the job market in the near future.

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