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Recruiting Women To Become Female Drone Pilots

The drone industry is growing significantly as many people are adopting the technology for various purposes. Some people fly drones for leisure such as performing activities like racing. Drone technology also helps to improve the film industry.

However, of significant concern is the fact that there are very few female drone pilots compared to their male counterparts. Women hold less than 4% of certificates compared to 96% drone certification for males in the US. Globally, women constitute fewer than 3% of drone certificates.  The drone pilot gender gap is enormous, but various women groups are working toward improving the odds.

For instance, “Women Who Drone” is an online community that seeks to expand the visibility of female drone pilots in different ways. The total for women involved in the drone industry is still small, and the figure is discouraging. However, the few women in this industry are doing an exemplary job to support each other.   Read More


The New Unmanned Aircraft System Integration Pilot Program For Drones

President Trump has a plan to make it much easier to fly commercial drones across the US. He has a vision for a country with a strong, fluid drone network and drone-based economy. Current FAA laws and regulations mean that this is a long way off.

President Trump’s solution to the current situation is the new Unmanned Aircraft System Integration Pilot Program. This could shake up aviation and help drone operators and businesses across the nation. This new development will thrill some people, others less so.

What does it all mean for drone operators, developers, and haters over the coming years?

Why has President Trump announced this new program for drone laws and applications?

President Trump released a Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of Transportation on October 25th. This document outlines all the guidelines and implications of this new program. It begins with an insight into the reasons for its creation. Read More

Drone Pilot Training

Drone Training Programs Are Mandatory For The Public’s Safety

Drone Pilot Training and Education

The use of drones is a controversial issue among citizens because of the drone stereotype of being an instrument used by the government for war purposes. This is not always the case, nor is this the usual use of UAVs.

Nonetheless, reports of an estimated 400 crashes of US military drones since 2001 make citizens fearful about the crash hazard drones can be. Even though none of these reported crashes resulted in any fatalities, some of the crashes could have resulted in death if the drones were to have struck individuals nearby; luckily they did not. Read More

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Top Reasons To Invest in Drone Pilot Training Program

Reasons why to invest in drone pilot training courses

Careers in piloting unmanned aircraft are among the most desirable jobs in the United States not just because of the fun, but also because of the good pay. Those wanting to take a UAV pilot training course to get certified do not have to have prior experience piloting anything, nor is a college degree required.

Drone piloting is a great way for individuals to get on track to earn six figures a year. What is shocking is that the course can take less than a week to complete. Read More