Unmanned Vehicle Training

Garmax Aviation covers the pilot training industry for drones & UAVs

On this blog we cover the best training schools that provide practical pilot training for drones and UAVs of all types: fixed-wing, multi-copter and more.

Our Mission

We are focused on helping people who want to get into the drone piloting industry. These include existing pilots and those who know nothing about flying a drone.  Let us guide you to the training programs, simulator software and online training courses that you need to build a career in this field.

Who Is Garmax Aviation?

Our small team of UAV operators has experience preparing drone/UAV pilots in several industries, including agriculture, real estate, construction and utilities.

We provide new commercial operators with training tailored to the individual. Our training covers UAV flight basics, navigation, regulations, operations and security.

Our dedicated team has many years of experience in the aviation industry, and we are further increasing our skills as changing environment and demands dictate.

Why Become a UAV Operator?

The demand for UAV pilots and technicians is rising at an extremely fast pace in America, but the availability of skilled workers is not enough to fulfill this demand. This shortage will only increase when the new FAA certification program comes online in early 2017 (no more COA’s).

Companies are now looking for skilled technicians and pilots to fill their slots, and many are offering an average annual salary of about $100,000.

We are here to help you grab this opportunity and to prepare you for this high income career of the future. Our goal for this blog is to guide you to the practical knowledge, certifications and expertise you need to enter this field. Whether that involves us, or not.

We’ve found that most people who are interested in this industry – especially those who fly drones as a hobby and want to make it as their profession – just do not have the basic piloting knowledge and technical education needed to operate a UAV safely and within regulatory guidelines.

For those who are interested to know the future of this industry and available jobs, we are here for you.

Just drop us a note on our Contact page if you have a question!